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Unique Living: Our top 3

With such a variety of weird and wonderful properties hitting the market every month, we thought it would be fun to trawl the country to find our favourite 3 unique properties to hit the market over the last few weeks.

1: Breachacha Castle

At just £395,000, somebody has snagged an absolute bargain with this imposing castle originally built in 1750.  Boasting 6 bedrooms, stunning views of the beach and an idyllic island location – this is an absolutely cracking property.  Ok you might be living in the middle of nowhere (inner Hebrides to be precise) with only another 164 residents and a rare bird called the Corncrake on the island, but quite frankly that sounds like a whole lot of peace and quiet to me.

Spoiler Alert – There is no McDonalds on the Isle of Coll 

2: Blenheim House, One Tower Bridge

Talk about a room with a view.  For just a cool £7.95million you can own this 4 bedroom apartment perching on the banks of Thames overlooking one of London’s (if not the world’s) most iconic landmarks.  Sure, for the best part of 8 million quid you might expect a garden as a minimum but for those with more cash than sense, I guess it would be pretty awesome having a cheeky little BBQ on the balcony whilst watching the minions below scrambling for the best view of Tower Bridge – the view that you would be enjoying whilst tucking in to your deluxe foie gras burger. 

3: Modest 3 Bedroom Detached Bungalow in West Sussex

On the surface, this property looks like a modest 3 bedroom detached bungalow in West Sussex.  And to a degree, this is exactly what it is, other than the fact this property is built around two Midland Railway Carriages believed to date from around 1885 which have been lovingly restored to form part of the living quarters.  At £500,000 it is probably cheaper than an annual railcard to get in and out of London so probably represents good value for money.  This really is a train spotter’s heaven.