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What to do about Brexit in the construction industry

In the aftermath of Brexit, the dust has yet to fully settle on the construction industry and as predicted, the country is facing a degree of uncertainty as we await for some form of leadership to drive through the people’s decision following the referendum.  In the meantime, it is vital that no matter how you voted on the 23rd June, we accept the decision and start to put the stepping stones in place to create the best possible future for this great industry of ours.

So what can we do?

We don’t wait

We can’t just sit around and wait for the government to make decisions.  We must find our own solutions, make our own plans and keep growing despite the uncertain surroundings. The government is the UK’s largest client and in their current state of re-building following Mr Cameron’s departure there is sure to be some disruption.  However, the only answer is to unite the UK’s construction industry, to come together when everywhere else seems fragmented and support each other.  Stand up and make the industry’s voice heard.

We make decisions

Whilst some companies across the UK may consider freezing recruitment or halting investment in response to uncertainty, we must use historic examples to show that this is usually a temporary measure and not detrimental to the future of the industry.  In 2008 when the UK was plunged into financial crisis, construction inevitably struggled but the industry emerged stronger and more resilient than ever.

David Buik, market strategist, and consultant at Cantor Index said "Markets cope very well with good news. They cope even better with bad news. They do not cope with uncertainty".

So clearly where there is uncertainty we must be decisive and initiate change.  Uncertainty will not drive action.

We find skills and we find people

The skill shortages that existed before the referendum still exist now and that will not change any time soon.  Our departure from the EU will take a minimum of 2 years and we are still no closer to understanding just when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will actually be triggered.  Put quite simply, we cannot sit around waiting.  Now is the time to keep bringing vital skills and sought after professionals to the industry and ensuring the future of construction remains strong.  A lot can happen in two years but through identifying the very best talent in the industry and getting the right people on board now, you can take control, stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the future rather than simply waiting to see what happens after the government manage to get their house in order.

Here at Novo, we are not waiting.  We are busier than ever and we are making decisions.  Above all else we are finding construction businesses the people and the skills they need to keep the industry afloat.

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