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Novo UK donate laptops to Ugandan Charity

Novo UK are delighted to be donating 5 laptops to Ugandan Pearls, a wonderful small charity providing care, education and a place to call 'home' for vulnerable and orphaned children in Uganda.  Following correspondence with the charity's founder - Dee Potts - we knew we had to get involved in some capacity with the amazing work they are doing day in day out and we will be looking to support them further moving forwards.

All packed up and ready to start their long journey to Kampala

Whilst this really is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, we are reliably informed that these laptops will be extremely well received in Uganda and make a huge difference to the lives of both the 'in-country' partners, the children and to one of the students in particular who is due to start his studies to be a Surgeon at the University of Kampala.

Hopefully we will receive confirmation of their safe arrival in the coming days!