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Lezanne raising awareness with DENS

As the festive period approaches and the vast majority of us look forward to sharing precious moments with our families in the comfort of our warm homes, spare a thought for those who are unable to do so.  For the sad truth is that thousands of people throughout the UK face the prospect of spending Christmas homeless and alone, sleeping rough on the streets - a fate almost incomprehensible to most of us. 

On 7th December, our very own Lezanne Oram will be sleeping out for one night with other volunteers to try and understand and comprehend what it is like for people facing winter sleeping rough, whilst raising money for DENS, our local homeless charity. 

We caught up with Lezanne to see why she has once again got involved with DENS to help them tackle poverty and homelessness:

“It breaks my heart that people sleep outside.  Being homeless just doesn’t seem right.  I see so many people living on the streets without food, warmth or anybody to help them.  Imagine waking up in the morning outside in the cold with no food, water, money, job, clean clothes, friends or support.  People are so quick to judge homeless people and make assumptions about how they have ended up in this position but the reality is that homelessness has affected many different people from many walks of life and no two stories are ever the same.  I am supporting DENS so they can help to provide more beds, blankets and food to those that need it the most.”

To find out more about Lezanne’s fundraising efforts or to sponsor her, please follow the below link – any donations however big or small would be greatly appreciated.