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Lezanne Oram – An inspiration to us all

As Lezanne Oram (Sales Director and Quantity Surveyor aficionado) recently reached a landmark 5 years with Novo UK, Director Gary Melton took a moment to reflect on her contribution to the business and to pay tribute to the key role she has played in taking Novo UK forwards…

There are certain moments in life which you can pinpoint as being truly “game changing” -   those times when you know that an action, introduction or situation is about to impact everything and change your life forever.  The same can be said of business.

When Lezanne first bowled in to the Novo UK offices in 2013 – which at the time was roughly the size of a one man tent – I knew this was one of those moments.  This was the equivalent of signing Lionel Messi in his prime, an elite performer with a proven background and the hunger and desire to continue to be the very best.  Only she wasn’t joining an established premier league team with Champions League credentials.  Rather an ambitious team with immense potential and European ambitions.  I digress.

The point is Lezanne could have gone to any construction recruitment business in the country but she bought in to what Novo believed in, what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to do it and to a degree, she took a punt on us. 

Over the first year or two Lezanne more than lived up to her reputation.  Her comprehensive knowledge of construction recruitment was impressive and her ability to “talk shop” with construction professionals and put them at ease throughout the recruitment process was quite remarkable.  This was particularly the case with commercial staff with whom she has always had an instinctive affiliation – probably due in no small part to the financial negation aspect of the role associated with both recruitment professionals and Quantity Surveyors. 

As anticipated, Lezanne’s success followed on the recruitment floor, as did her insatiable appetite to learn more, develop and progress and it soon became clear that we had so much more than just a regular employee on our hands.  We remained good to our promise in terms of growing the business, employing more quality people and securing new working premises, allowing us to fast track Lezanne’s development and give her the additional responsibility she so badly craved. 

Consequently Lezanne moved away from day to day recruitment and took on the role of Sales Manager, which gave our less experienced employees the benefit of all her considerable experience and undivided attention without her being distracted by trying to fulfil the needs of our clients and candidates.  This was a bold step for both Lezanne and the business as in essence we were taking away one of our best recruitment consultants – and the sales attributed to her work – and for Lezanne’s part, she was stepping away from her bread and butter and having to drive, motivate, guide and mentor other people to deliver results.

Fortunately the transition period was relatively short and smooth and whilst it was a steep learning curve for Lezanne, her hard work, ability to rapidly learn and retain new skills and determination to succeed shone through and we started to see a vast improvement in our existing team members.  It also became apparent that Lezanne had a natural ability to deliver training courses and as part of her role, she also took on board the training of all new consultants to the business while offering on-going training modules to members of staff at all levels within their recruitment career.

5 years on from where it all began and Lezanne is now Sales Director for Novo UK after a recent promotion, with responsibility for a 20+ strong team.

She continues to inspire everybody around her with her never say die attitude, relentless energy and unquestionable loyalty to both the business and her team. 

Ben Gatt – Head of Fit Out & Interiors @ Novo and winner of “Baldest Man in Recruitment 2017” told me:

“Lezanne is somebody you can trust and has a wealth of relevant and specific knowledge that has helped mould us into the business that we are today.  There are no exceptions to the rule with Lezanne.  You must simply be the best that you can be.  Do that and she will support you until the cows come home.  Lezanne is a Manager who leads from the front and she will never ask you to do anything that she wouldn’t first do herself.  Whether it’s advice with a tricky client, help with a candidate or simply just an arm around the shoulder Lezanne is there to offer guidance and support to us all”

Senior recruiter Jerome Lewis (and Karl Pilkington look-a-like) backed this up stating:

“Lezanne has been an inspiration to me and was a massive factor when deciding to join Novo as I heard her name constantly when recruiting!  I wanted to join forces with her and work alongside her!  Once here I realised why she had such a fantastic name for herself.  She has really helped to change and shape not only my career but my lifestyle as well!  I owe a lot to her and have learnt so much from her.  This includes understanding emotional triggers, management qualities, my role and how I can benefit myself and others at Novo UK, a better understanding of general recruitment and even an understanding of how I can work harder and smarter! 

Lezanne serves not only as a fantastic manager and director but also as a mentor and tutor.  She demonstrates a great element of care and compassion to everybody within her vicinity, never misses a trick and trains and supports consultants at all levels in such an efficient and professional way whilst always making it fun and engaging. 

Overall Lezanne is a fantastic person and always encourages me to be the best I possibly can in every way and without her I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”

Lezanne is a force to be reckoned with.  A fiercely independent, hard-working, efficient and direct operator with an uncanny ability to read a situation and get the best out of people.

It is clear to see that she is an inspiration to everybody within the Novo Family and anybody who crosses her path and having recently signed up to work on the Inspiring Girls Hemel Hempstead project, she is determined to also help the local youth by passing on her experience and helping them to achieve their goals and aspire to be the best they can possibly be.

All that remains to be said is thank you for the last 5 years and we look forward to seeing you help to elevate Novo and our people to all new levels in the next 5…..