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Hayley hits the 5 Year mark...

It is a big year for our wonderful Finance Director - Hayley Lavens.

Not only is 2019 the year she marries her long-suffering partner John and becomes Mrs Beckley, but last week also marked Hayley’s 5 Year anniversary with Novo UK.

I think it is fair to say that Hayley has been an incredible servant to the business since her arrival in 2014, commencing the role as Finance Manager before earning her well deserved promotion to Finance Director in 2018.

Hayley is the epitome of somebody who works hard to succeed and get where she wants to be.  Embarking upon a non-traditional route in to the world of Accountancy in 2004 (i.e – non-University), Hayley began a continuous learning journey as part of her CPD, fitting this in alongside her day to day work.  As a result of her endeavours, in the last 3 years Hayley has achieved both chartered accountancy status with the ACCA and FMAAT status with the Associate of Accounting Technicians (AAT).  A quite amazing accomplishment and something we are very proud of her for achieving.  

2018 also saw Hayley walk away as the well-deserved winner of the prestigious “Professional Member of the Year” award at the Annual AAT Professional Member Awards.

Within Novo, Hayley is so much more than our Finance Director.  A trusted confidant to the Directors, an astute strategist and a compliance champion – the list goes on and on.  In short, Hayley truly is the backbone to Novo UK and everything we do.

Thank you to Hayley for believing in us and sharing the journey with us so far.  Here is to the next 5 years!