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Another boring recruitment advert...

Recruitment Consultant (Talent Resourcing Artist) - Residential

Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire Riviera)

£Neg + Commission + Bonus – (OTE £3billion)


I am so bored of reading adverts for recruitment consultants. 

The same old rhetoric about meritocracy, hard-working culture (long hours), holidays abroad (see image), embellished job titles and uncapped commission with an OTE of £3 billion within your first 15 seconds.  I have just looked through a recent selection of said adverts and they are so generic you wouldn’t really know they are advertising for different companies.   

That being said, we need a Recruitment Consultant to join us in our Hemel Hempstead office.  So here is a bit about us to decide if we float your boat.

Our office is custom built for purpose and is really rather pleasant.  We have a real coffee machine producing caffeine enriched drinks at an alarmingly high rate.  People seem to really like it. We also listen to music as we work (oooh so bohemian). It’s not like a nightclub.  More like a gentle backing track at a sunset bar in Ibiza to tap your foot to throughout the day.  We don’t have a bar but we do have a fridge with beer in. And some gin. And an almost full bottle of weird rum that tastes like petrol and was opened over 2 years ago.  Obviously we have a table tennis table – we are a recruitment business after all.  Competition is fierce, participation is optional. Hearing the rhythmic tone of the ball going back and forth between the hours of 12 and 2 and after work is sadly unavoidable.

We work very hard.  We have to.  Our hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm and we are not the sort of business that frowns upon people arriving and leaving on time.  Some of our best workers choose to work more hours, some of our best workers arrive at 8:29am and leave at 5:31pm.  In fact, our benefits scheme allows senior members of staff and those with longevity at the business to work even less hours and guess what? – They have continued to do equally as well.  Having to work 12 hours a day every day in recruitment to be successful is a myth.  We are much more about being efficient with the hours we have available rather than working every hour available.  An element of common sense is expected to be exercised here depending on your workload.

Our expectations are very high.  We are not interested in what the average recruitment consultant in the UK bills– with the level of support our consultants receive at Novo and the calibre of people we employ, we expect our employees to be above the average.  We make no bones about that.  We should also say that the job is very difficult and has many ups and downs along the way.  There are times when you will feel like some sort of demigod and want to rip off your shirt/dress to display your heroic super powers in a display of machoism.  Conversely there will be times when you will feel like packing it all in and doing anything other than recruitment – like sculpting animals from pieces of dried banana or cleaning the sewers with no protective gear on.  Fortunately the lows do not last too long here because we understand that in our line of work things happen beyond our control and rather than having a hissy fit and berating people for not closing a deal (I’m sure many of you will have seen this) we support people and try and deal with situations like adults.  We are not perfect by any means but we try damn hard.

Critically we work together and we work collaboratively.  Our people share and celebrate each other’s success.  Not online with a cheesy photo shoot and a bottle of champagne but internally with their comrades, their allies, their mates.

What are we looking for?

The extraordinary.  An individual.  Somebody who works like a Trojan, possesses humility in abundance and enjoys what they do.  No mood hoovers please.

Construction recruitment experience would be nice.  Experience of the residential sector would be fabulous.  Neither is essential.  In fact I’d be very interested in talking to people working and succeeding in other sectors who might be interested in trying their hand at construction.

We do ideally need either somebody who already knows how to navigate the murky waters of recruitment, delivers a service that exceeds client and candidate expectations and goes above and beyond what our competitors offer OR somebody who can convincingly demonstrate that they have it in their locker and can pick things up very quickly. 

If any of this sounds vaguely interesting and you fancy a chat about improving your life - give me a call, email me, send me a carrier pigeon or some sort of smoke signal. 

Either way, just get in touch and let’s start talking.

Gary - 01442 767 808 /