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6 Key benefits of outsourcing your construction recruitment

LinkedIn was built on the foundation that we can connect any two people in the world with a maximum of 6 steps, commonly known as the ‘6 degrees of separation’ theory. Therefore, with accessibility becoming even easier, how hard can it be to find your next hire?

As an expert in construction recruitment, we got our Director Gary Melton to give us 6 reasons why outsourcing your recruitment will help you avoid the rollercoaster of emotions, instead of entering the minefield that is head hunting. 

Pay for results, not the unknown

I know it sounds ludicrous, but recruitment is still the only profession that springs to mind that offers a full service and gets paid on completing an assignment. Strangely no funding goes into the time invested and skills used to complete the task. Recruiters may find themselves taking the time to meet with the client, ensuring the full scope of the project at hand, filtering through the large volume of applicants whilst also sourcing the best talent, vetting them through the phone or face to face, negotiating etc. to receive no reward.

Based on this it almost feels odd to not use the external resource.

It’s not a quick job

There are often murmurs between recruitment office walls where they dare to dream of a different world, one where they are paid on time used to find a candidate and not the final placement. An interesting concept. When you think that construction recruitment doesn’t quite work like Argos where clients define a candidate and the recruiter simply picks it off the shelf for them, this world paid by the hours worked would make them millionaires, fast.

Some of the best candidates take some looking for, but that’s the whole art in the job of a recruiter.

It is also very difficult

Recruitment is no breeze. As much as our consultant Breeze Mitchell’s name may mislead you, this job is bloody hard. We hold our hands up, you don’t actually have to be the brains of Britain to do the job, but there’s a certain skill set you do need. You’ll find the majority of successful recruiters are disciplined, knowledgeable, resilient, savvy, hard-working, dedicated, determined and usually a little bit crazy.

A recruiter’s week on average has more highs and lows than the Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Make your day a little more productive and have a recruiter deal with the emotional rollercoaster for you.

Don’t distract yourself from your day job

A recruiter’s role is to build networks and spend every day looking for those specialised candidates within the criteria set with clients. Believe it or not, this is their job. Just as your barista makes your coffee in the morning, a taxi driver takes you to your destination, a recruiter’s sole focus is on sourcing specialist candidates.

Therefore, if a company is looking for a new member of staff why wouldn’t they use someone whose job it is to be in touch with these hard to find applicants? Simply avoiding a recruitment agency is like not taking your dog to the vets and using planks of wood and glue to fix its broken leg.

Although some beg to differ, it’s a tough full-time job. Don’t distract yourself from yours and let the experts take care of it.

Not everyone is looking

This varies between markets, but speaking from my experience in construction recruitment it’s an extremely candidate driven industry. What does that mean? Well simply put, on the whole, the best applicants aren't floating around job boards applying for roles. Nor are they knocking down businesses doors with the aim of begging for an opportunity.

The reality is that the ‘premium' candidates will be enjoying the roles they are in getting a good wage and be highly valued by their bosses, so a new job is the last thing they are looking for. But this is where recruiters earn their money because those candidates would consider the right opportunity should it present itself. It's this information from working on the ground that recruiters can use to help attract the right talent, but businesses very rarely have access to this should they not engage with a recruitment agency.

Hassle-free experience

Should all the above not have quite made it why you should engage with a recruitment agency, so long as the business sets the correct expectations and offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you’ll usually have a pretty stress-free experience. You’ll simply avoid the excessive administration, managing calls, negotiating salaries, arranging interviews, dealing with rejections, taking references and handling the thousands of calls received each day from candidates unsuitable for the roles available. And let’s be honest, that’s worth a few quid of anybody’s money. 

And there you go... 

All of the above is what you should expect when engaging with the right recruitment agency. However, it’s always worth noting that not every recruitment agency will offer this level of service. Use it as a checklist of what you should be demanding from the agency you engage with as I’m a firm believer that when the above is not being achieved, it’s usually the start of the bad stories we hear when engaging with recruitment agencies.

Be selective with the agency you choose and ensure you invest your time at the front end of the recruitment lifecycle by ensuring you have a strong agency supporting your requirements. After all, now you know all of the above it makes complete sense… right?

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