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2 Cows and a Treasure Island

I have always enjoyed the simple things in life. Lazy Sundays, clean bedsheets, doing a good deed, finding a quid down the back of the sofa, getting a seat on the train in rush hour – you know, those small ‘wins’ that somehow just serve to make life that much better.

When we started this business around 6.5 years ago, I always knew it would lead to great things and I guess in many ways I hoped it would also lead to enjoying even more of those simple pleasures with increasing regularity as the business grew and my role evolved.

Creating teams, providing career paths, placing people in jobs, developing a brand and making money has been extremely rewarding and immensely satisfying but it’s still difficult to beat those seemingly insignificant little events that give life that certain je ne sais quoi – particularly those where you directly help others. 

Last year we implemented a charity initiative which enabled us to effectively create these moments/small “wins” through charitable donations generated by a percentage of the business’ quarterly profits. And whilst in the grand scheme of things these gestures are little more than a drop in the ocean, to me they have probably become one of the most important things that we do as a business and one of the main reasons I want Novo to continue to grow and make more money – so that we can continue to play a small role in making a huge difference through our charity partners.

Last week I received a letter from one of our Charity Partners Pearls of Wisdom to inform me that our latest donation would be used towards the purchase of 2 cows and the facilities to protect them at their project in the rural village of Nakiwaate in Uganda.  This is phase 2 of a 3 phase Bio-Gas System project which should ultimately help the villagers lead to self-sustainability through the provision of a free source of fuel, money through the sale of future calves and milk produced over and above any calves needs to be consumed on project. The manure produced will be used to improve soil quality for crops and gardens and in time to fuel the Bio-Gas system.

In the same week I met with Rob Cox of Happy Days who visited our offices for a catch up and to let me know that our most recent donation was going to be used to support the Collett School in Hemel Hempstead – Hertfordshire’s only all through special educational needs school for children with Learning Disabilities and complex needs. Our donation will allow Happy Days to arrange for a professional theatre company to visit the school and perform Treasure Island, giving “128 children a truly memorable day”. 

I love this. I mean I really love it. We are incredibly lucky to be working with charities who are so open about exactly where our money is being spent, provide us with a personal touch and encourage us to get involved in a hands on way – I fully intend to visit Uganda in the next 18 months to see how our cows are getting on and I am immensely looking forward to meeting the children of the Collett School before watching Treasure Island with them.

Thank you to all of the clients and candidates we work with who make this possible.

Business is not always about what you do in the boardroom….