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Our pick of Top Trends for office fit out in 2017

As another exciting year in fit out draws to a close, we asked Novo’s Head of Fit out and Interiors- Ben Gatt- to pick his highlights from office fit out trends in 2017.

1- Biophilic Design

A continuation from 2016, Biophilic Design channels humans’ innate affiliation with nature and the natural world. Or in plain English – brings the great outdoors inside. 2017 has been all about incorporating live walls, plants in the office and natural lighting to increase productivity, provide a calming and inspiring environment and promoting well-being.  Aside from anything else, aesthetically living walls also look bloody impressive when done properly and provide an outstanding feature for employees and visitors to an office space.

2 – Integrated Technologies

In an era where technology is expected rather than desired, integrated technologies (or the ‘smart’ Office) are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. This level of digital sophistication ensures all technologies are seamlessly integrated within a space allowing employees a greater degree of flexibility in the way in which they work, where they work and how they work. One minute you could be working on a tablet before moving to another space with a laptop or personal mobile phone, knowing full well you can access all the information required and effortlessly pick up from where you left off. These technologies have already shown tangible financial savings, increased business performance and data optimisation for businesses and also explain why so much investment is made in creating different spaces and working pods within an office to accommodate this way of working. Expect technology to continue to play a large part in how we shape future office spaces.

3 - Customisation

So customised offices are nothing new. Businesses long ago realised the importance and tangible benefits of creating fully customised office spaces for things such as staff retention, productivity, candidate attraction, showcasing branding, overall staff well-being etc

However, things continue to advance at a rate of knots and increasingly work spaces are becoming more and more customisable to the individuals or teams working in a particular environment. Ergonomic furniture can now accommodate even the fussiest of workers, with the option to stand up, kneel, sit down or do aerobics whilst you go about your daily chores. Personalised lighting can ensure one person basks in glorious rays of light while another works calmly in a serene dusk glow. This level of customisation creates truly unique conditions for each employee with the theory being that they will perform to the best of their ability when they are working in their own optimum conditions. Happy staff = productive staff.

I am extremely excited to see what 2018 brings for the Fit Out world and thoroughly expect to see these trends continue to gain momentum as business owners work towards the holy grail of creating offices that attract and retain the best people while encouraging them to work at their optimal level.