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Light bulb moment

Businesses across the globe have invested in office Fit Out teams and continue to invest millions of pounds in office ergonomics – creating unique work environments to optimise human well-being, health and safety and overall performance.  This has resulted in some truly unique office workspaces.

But for all the pandering over expensive fads such as ergonomic furniture, live walls, integrated technologies and acoustically friendly meeting spaces, have we forgotten the importance of a free resource which has been shown to improve productivity countless times – natural light?

In recent times there have been a number of reports and findings exploring the importance of humans’ innate affiliation with natural elements and the benefits exposure to natural light in the workplace has on both an individual’s well-being and work output. 

Biophilic design is obviously bang on trend at the moment as businesses attempt to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment but this tends to come at a fairly large cost when we look at biophilic walls and natural materials.  

So are people missing a trick spending more on plants and materials rather than focussing natural light?  When office managers are pulling their hair out trying to figure out why productivity isn’t through the roof – it may be worth looking to a simple solution in making the most out of the natural light available rather than spending a small fortune on the latest trend.

you can’t just start taking a sledgehammer to the walls and create new windows

This, of course, is not always an easy fix – ordinarily, you can’t just start taking a sledgehammer to the walls and create new windows.  You can, however, ensure that as much light as possible is entering through the windows available by not blocking them with furniture or window coverings.  Likewise, a clever use of light surfaces, mirrors and walls can often open up space and optimise light through reflection. 

So next time the figures aren’t stacking up at work, maybe hold back on installing a giant slide, sleeping pods or half a garden centre of plants.  Look around and see the light – and if you can’t, do something about it.