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Fit Out fit for purpose

It goes without saying – happier employees are generally more productive.

And for this very reason companies and developers continue to pour significant investment in to creating unique workspaces that bring together function and aesthetic appeal, in a mission to create environments which are both comfortable and practical to work in.

All this comes at a cost - particularly if you are looking to be located in London where commercial office costs continue to spiral, ensuring our great capital retains its position as 1 of the 3 most expensive cities in the world for office space alongside Hong Kong and Beijing.  Add to this average fit out costs of around £45 to £130 per sq ft dependent on your level of finish and the cost of creating and maintaining a distinctive, productive and welcoming office space in London becomes an extremely expensive business. 

Is it worth the investment?

Aside from improving employee morale, other tangible benefits of creating a work space where people WANT to be rather than somewhere they HAVE to be include increased productivity, the retention of key personnel, the ability to impress clients and potential employees and an opportunity to showcase the company’s personality and culture through reflective design and tailored ergonomics. 

Multiple surveys have revealed that employees regard their place of work as indicative of whether or not they feel valued by their employer with many also commenting on the fact they worked more productively in a clean and organised environment.  And whilst organisational culture tends to derive from the shared characteristics and values of a business which differentiate it from others, a company’s workspace can demonstrate and enhance these ideals through understanding the parts of the business that matter most to the Directors and employees and embracing these through innovative design and application.  This has been shown to create unity and a feeling of belonging (see Google and Virgin for examples) which further motivates a happy workforce and again only serves to increase productivity. 

Importance of choosing the right partner

Choosing the correct contractor to partner with to create the perfect workspace is of critical importance.  The appointed contractor must live and breathe the vision of the client to accurately transform ideas in to reality, providing both innovative and practical input throughout the process.  Reputation and track record are obvious barometers of quality but just as each client has a unique culture and outlook, each contractor also has their own way of working and it is important to establish from initial consultation if the working relationship is going to work and if the contractor’s vision is aligned with your own.  There are many outstanding contractors but as with everything it is not a case of one size fits all and it pays to be selective when investing what amounts to be thousands (sometimes millions) of pounds.

Here at Novo UK we are working in partnership with some of the most prestigious Design and Build and Traditional Fit-Out Contractors in the UK.  Similar to businesses selecting contractors to carry out their projects, those very same contractors are relying on us to find the right personnel to understand, interpret and ultimately deliver their clients’ requirements. 

And with the fit out market currently thriving despite Brexit doom-mongering, our clients are busier than ever as companies continue to invest in their future by creating offices designed to push boundaries and increase productivity.

For further insight and up to date fit out market information, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the fit out team.